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Recycling Tips & Links

Recycling tips

Want to make recycling easier?
  1. Empty all containers.
  2. Rinse milk containers.
  3. Leave tabs and labels on.
  4. Flatten milk containers and jugs for more space. Don’t crush other containers types.
Want to make recycling faster?
Winterburn Bottle depot will do this for you.

Separate containers

  1. By size (0-1L separate from over 1L containers)
  2. Then by Type (aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass, juice pouches, tetra brik, bi-metal, etc.)

Links and resources





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Winterburn Bottle Depot 

At Winterburn Bottle Depot, we take pride in contributing to the health of our environment.

Our experienced and friendly staff will sort and count all of your containers and provide you with an accurate refund and a detailed receipt.


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